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Determining the potential for asbestos exposure in the workplace is now a mandatory requirement for all business and building owners. Identifying the presence of any asbestos in your building or workplace is the first place to start when it comes to meeting your requirements.


An asbestos survey will provide all of the appropriate information for managing your asbestos exposure risks, however not all asbestos surveys created equal. Poorly conducted surveys or asbestos surveys that are not fit for purpose can result in heavy costs down the track.


You can count on Protec Environmental Consulting to provide you with the right type of asbestos survey for your needs. Our team of qualified and experienced asbestos Surveyors/assessors will provide you with a fully customized survey that is unique to your business requirements.


Protec Environmental Consulting offers the following types of asbestos survey.




A management survey is designed to provide sufficient information to indicate the presence and location of asbestos or asbestos-containing materials in a building or workplace that could be damaged or disturbed during normal occupancy, or during any maintenance works. 


A good management survey may involve minor intrusive work or disturbance.





Demolition or refurbishment surveys are designed to identify the location and integrity of all types of asbestos materials within a building before any work commences.


These are fully intrusive surveys that may involve exposing parts of a building's structure and should therefore only be conducted in unoccupied areas.



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